Grasshopper Script Management: Seeking Orkestra Alternatives

Is there anything similar to this Orkestra ( tool/platform but for Grasshopper Scripts? or has anyone had experienced using this Orkestra tool/platform but with Grasshopper Scripts?

In the context of working for a company – Here is an example of how you could keep your Scripts in a secured workspace , putting the scripts in an embedded ribbon format for people in the company to use your scripts without the need to open.

Any suggestions on how to achieve this same result but for our Grasshopper Community?

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Hi @Bryan_Rincon ,
We have recently elevated the Rhino/Grasshopper experience to match the integration level of Revit-Civil3D / Dynamo with Orkestra. For more details on the latest features and enhancements specifically for Grasshopper script management, please check out our release notes here: Orkestra Release Notes.