Grasshopper script crash using network library

Hi all,

I am using “nc library” in python (Visual studio) to receive some data over network and it works properly:

However, I can’t read data from “Script” in grasshopper as it crashes:

And it’s not just about nc lib. I have used other libraries and same result.

Is there any problem within the grasshopper python as it is using iron python not the python, or am I doing something wrong?


[edit] sorry! I didn’t notice you were using Python 3 component.

Can you connect a text panel to out, and post the error information?

Does it throw an error or just gets stuck? Does the same script work from outside of rhino (run it in a separate python instance)?

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It gets stuck. I receive no error.

Yes. the same script works outside of Rhino. I used visual studio code.(see screenshot attached above).
I can send the script if you want.

Hi Farzad. I apologize for being so late. I think I somehow lost this ticket on my list. What application are you using on Windows to connect to the server process in Grasshopper?

Is this still an issue?

Hi Ehsan, No worries!

Basically, I had an educational drone which was connected to a router through wifi. The PC was connected to the same wifi(No specific software for doing it). I was able to send and receive through vsCode, but only could send through grasshopper and it would get stuck if I ever tried to receive data.

My concern was if this applies to other py3 libraries.

Not quite sure if this is still an issue as I don’t have access to drone anymore.

I’ll try the same code with different equipment/network and let you know in case of error. Thanks

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