Grasshopper script crash using network library

Hi all,

I am using “nc library” in python (Visual studio) to receive some data over network and it works properly:

However, I can’t read data from “Script” in grasshopper as it crashes:

And it’s not just about nc lib. I have used other libraries and same result.

Is there any problem within the grasshopper python as it is using iron python not the python, or am I doing something wrong?


[edit] sorry! I didn’t notice you were using Python 3 component.

Can you connect a text panel to out, and post the error information?

Does it throw an error or just gets stuck? Does the same script work from outside of rhino (run it in a separate python instance)?

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It gets stuck. I receive no error.

Yes. the same script works outside of Rhino. I used visual studio code.(see screenshot attached above).
I can send the script if you want.