Grasshopper runs when I enable components one by one but doesn't when whole definition is run

If I run the definition enabling nodes one by one it takes ~2 minutes to run. (including the time I enable the items) However, if I try to run the whole file, it never runs. I have waited over 40 minutes and it is frozen. I have uploaded some of the documents from the file, but the file paths would need to be updated, of course.For (12.6 KB)
graphs 01.txt (3.1 MB)
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I experience the same problem… working definition, no problems and then the next time I start rhino + gh its frozen without any reason:

I’m using kangaroo and custom components but when I run it from VS in debug mode it should throw an exception, but there is none. Rhino (7.14)

Whats worst for me is I cant make it run again…
is there a way to purge the gh file or something like refresh?
Very strange and annoying! I hope someone here can think of why this is happening

Found the culprit and as expected was my code. Conclusion: Never code while loops when you are tired!