Grasshopper rope-helix

I’m traying to make a rope.
i am able to create the first helix but the others do not offset or not are making it right
I enclose the definition in case someone has time to see it and provide some ideahelice (5.6 KB)
grasshopper vb curva.3dm (57.1 KB)

Attached is one way without VB if that is what you are after… (16.0 KB)

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Thank you very much for your attention, your module works perfectly in many of the situations in which I have tried it (including compound curves)
However for the situation for which I am trying to use it
(copying and scaling the main curve gives strange results

(when using the same number of laps in different length trajectories, it makes them look very different from each other.

i was usin Helix Along Multiple Curve2 from by “TheChosenOne”
but fails in mixed-composite curves (and is very complex to me)

helice alrededor (28.6 KB)
grasshopper vb curva.3dm (384.0 KB)