Grasshopper room color scheme

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create several hatches from a room color scheme like the picture I posted.
Unfortunatly I can not make my script works.
My aim is to have a different RGB color for each room related with the program name. After that I would like to bake the color as an hatch in order to import it on illustrator.
Does anyone have some good tips that could help me to correct my definition?

Thanks in advance.

Grasshopper rooms color (17.5 KB) Rooms%20color%20schemes

hmm not sure why that’s not working. You do have grafting/grouping issues 28 colors to the 39 areas (group your areas then do a longest list to the colors)

got it to work in Elefront.

You are not clear as to what is it that you want to achieve and you cannot.
possible problems with your definition:
1)hatches overlap
2) the text entries are not separated by room but by word (which might be causing you confusion) (14.8 KB)

Hej Rickson and Aris,

Thanks a lot for your good tips.
I correct all the hatches overlaps and the text are now separated room by room.
This time I used DPipeline and TxtObjInfo to bring my text from Rhino and store it into Grasshopper.
In the end I try to use Elefront in order to bake my room colors hatches but I got some error within the Bake Objects component.
Rickson do you know what could be the problem in Elefront?
Here below I am posting a new Gh. definition related to the Rhino file.

The final result I am aming for is a room schedule with different color hatches from each room type, showing the name and the m² for each room.
At the moment I wrote the m² associate to each room manually, because I was not able to generate it directly from the script. Suggestions are more then welcome.


Grasshopper rooms color scheme ELFRONT.3dm (84.9 KB) Grasshopper rooms color scheme (27.6 KB) Grasshopper%20rooms%20color%20scheme%20ELFRONT

you are still getting branching issues. At the bake component you need to have 1 to 1 grafting.

If its a new file you might need to go into the rhino properties and open the hatch dialog, this allows the GH component to read. That might be the error you are getting.

Sorry, kinda busy or i could help more.

Thanks Rickson for the advices.
I do not get exactley what I should do with Rhino hatch dialog.
What I did is just open it and I also correct the branching issues, but unfortunatly I still have the following problem with Elefront bake component :
“1. Something went wrong. Please double-triple check your data tree structures to see if they all line up”
Does anybody know why I still get this error message?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Grasshopper rooms color scheme ELFRONT.3dm (107.4 KB) Grasshopper rooms color scheme (36.6 KB)
I am attaching here an updated version of Gh and 3dm files.