Grasshopper+Rhinowip+window analysis

Hi all,
I have been using this script for wind analysis and it works perfectly fine on PC, but on Mac side it keeps giving me this error on cull no matter which file path I change it to. Please if there is anyone can help me with this. Thanks a lot

try exploding the extrusion in rhino then Join the pieces back together again.

does it now work in grasshopper?
if so, there’s a setting you can change to prevent this from happening… but try that ^ first.

HI Jeff,

thanks for your reply! but the part that I m having trouble with is a jpeg image I generated from flow design to plug in for the path and surface…I m not sure what u mean by exploding that. Thanks!

Oh, ok… i see now.

I’ve never used a pictureFrame in grasshopper… I’ll try it when i get a chance to see if i’m getting a similar problem.

thank you so much for your time looking into this!

hmm… i’m not sure i’ll be able to help.

you may have to share the .gh definition and hopefully someone with a mac & PC can figure out where it’s breaking.