Grasshopper Rhinoceros, what can I do with these?

Hello eveyone,
my girlfriend has a project to do for her college (architecture major) which involves these methods (I am not sure if they are called methods): Series, Scale NU, Rectangular, Pipe, Region Difference, she is supposed to use them all to create a form of some sort. She says she knows the program but doesn’t know how to create something out of it, could you give her any advice?
Thanks a lot, and sorry if I messed something up in here

She can use Ractangle to make a rectangle on the XY plane. Instead of using a fixed set of numbers for the rectangle’s dimensions for the rectangle she can use Series to make a group of dimensions yielding multiple rectangles. She can move these around so some are overlappping. Then she can turn these rectangles into regions and use Region Difference to subtract one from another. Then she can Extrude some of these into 3D rectangular solids and use ScaleNU to change their X, Y, and/or Z dimensions.

Pipe turns a line into a 3D pipe shape, so she can use Brep Edges to Pipe the edges of her rectangular solids.

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Read this:

Then this:

Search youtube for “grasshopper tutorial” and those search terms you mentioned, you will find many examples to quickly teach her very effectively by practical examples that many are quite easy to follow.