Grasshopper Rhino Text entity problem

Bake Content does not overwrite what has been baked previously?

The file below is a test file. For whatever reason I have problems in this test file but in my other file where I have a much larger definition everything works as expected. I’m a little confused. (29.2 KB)

I don’t see an issue here that the content is not updated.
I pressed Update, changed the text in Rhino and hit the update button again, after which it returns to the original baked test. What are you seeing?

With the file above I can only bake if there is nothing baked already. I bake, plug in another annotation style and try to bake again but it does not overwrite and both the query annotation styles component and the query model objects component go orange.

Also when plugging in a scale override input, I do not see a value on the output. The red panel says …

I was about to reproduce this issue on my machine.

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thanks for the added info. Here it refreshes the bake, but only after the baked content is manipulated, e.g. moved. The Scale override bug I can repeat as well.

RH-76989 Baked content doesn’t update after changing attributes
RH-76988 Scale override does not work

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Yes, after moving the previously baked object gets replaced.

Just installed the new Beta. It works fine now except the Scale override…

Thank you guys!

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