Grasshopper (Rhino 7) Inside Tekla (Version 2021 SP9) error

Hi, thanks for reporting.

The Grasshopper Component will use the newest version of Rhino it can find that’s not WIP, so it will switch to use the newly released final version of Rhino 8 if you’ve got that installed.

The problem is that Rhino 8 uses .NET 7 per default rather than the .NET Framework, which doesn’t seem to work with Tekla.

To get the Tekla-Grasshopper link to work from within Grasshopper with Rhino 8, the fix as per the article is to use the SetDotNetRuntime command and set it to NETFramework, then restart Rhino.

For Rhino.Inside and the Grasshopper Component the SetDotNetRuntime isn’t respected apparently. Instead try this update that enforce the NET Framework:

[EDIT] This might need the link version 1.16, grab WIP here:

This still isn’t perfect, the Grasshopper loading fails when loading assembly GhPython (and Tekla crashes) at least for me.


So you might need to remove the file
C:\Program Files\Rhino 8\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components\GhPython.gha


Let me know if you get the same issue and I can dig a bit deeper into this.



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