Grasshopper rh7 much slower than rh5/Gh5?! Bug?

Hello, I use solid difference to identify the displacement of hulls at assigned water lines and calculate the volume. Well, I measured a sold difference time in gh/rh7 nearly ten times slower than in gh/rh5 (in an example 1.4 seconds VS 170 ms). Does anyone experienced that? I don’t have rh6/gh6 to check also there.

Here in attach a simple test example (I cannot share hulls). It happens with polysurfaces with many surfaces: in this case RH5/GH5 is 4 times faster than RH/GH7! (430.0 KB)

my pc is far from being the best one on the market [i7-6700K]

are you experiencing much different calculation times in V7?

Ryzen 3900x and latest R7.


I’m currently on an old FX8350 … it takes

  • 2.4 sec on RH7
  • 2 sec on RH6
    Can’t test on RH5.

to @inno and @DanielK1 , a useful info would be if you executed the same thing also on RH5…


Rhino 5 4 times faster than 7

my pc : image

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