Grasshopper refine problem

hey ı want to create shell ın rhino with grashopper and when ı come to refine step.Refine turn red. ı tryed to ınstall plankton but ı think ı couldn’t what can ı do can you please help me.

This screenshot is not helpful, what does the error say? attach a file.

Solution 1 exception: ‘Plankton, Version =, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = null’ could not load the file or its integrated code or one of its dependencies. Cannot find under the system.

Seems you are missing something of the Plankton installation or potentially you’ve not unblocked something.

In the special folders I can see plankton but ı don’t know about unblocked.

Right-click the plankton-file in the special folder. Select unblock.