Grasshopper rectangle with 4 random fillets

I’m new to grasshopper and as a case study I’m trying to make a 2D pattern of:
Random sized rectangles placed on a surface.
The corners of each rectangle are filleted randomly.
All rectangles are overlapping each other.
Similar to this photo:

I started with making one rectangle:

How can I get rid of the original corners?


RND Rectangle with RND (20.6 KB)


Find attached two methods. One requires a custom C# component, it allows to define several fillets along a curve, providing a list of radii and a list of parameters.

In your case though, since you actually want all the corners to be filleted, you can shatter the rectangle by the midpoints of all the edges, then fillet each corner and join the result. This only uses native components.

Of course you can replace the panel by some random output as in your example file. (15.4 KB)


Thanks, that C# component works for me.