Grasshopper Radial Menu difference between Rhino5 and Rhino6

Hi All,
maybe there’s something I’m missing here, but I think I noticed a quite annoying difference between grasshopper in rhino 5 and 6.

In rhino 5 the “radial menu” would appear in its entirety regardless the location of the cursor (close or far from the grasshopper window perimeter). This meant that if the cursor was very close to the window perimeter the radial menu would have not appear centered to the cursor but rather tangent to the window side (or sides, if the cursor was close to a corner).
I got used to that way of working and honestly I’ve always considered it a smart solution.

In rhino 6 the radial menu always shows up centered on the cursor location. This means that if the cursor is very close to the window perimeter a part of the radial menu will be not visible (because it would be out of the grasshopper window). For example, if the cursor is very close to the right side of the window I would get the left part of the radial menu while its right part would be out of screen.
This is rather annoying as sometimes (quite often) the fuction I need is not showing on screen when I open the radial menu.

Is this something that is being taken care of already? I searched a bit but I couldn’t find anything.

Thank you in advance,