Grasshopper Question: How to create an arched facade with variable arch widths?

Im looking at some precedents for a project I am working on, such as Toyo Ito’s Tama Art Library and even Niemeyer’s Palazzo Mondadori, although the Tama Library is the simpler of the two examples.

I suppose what i would like to do is to start with wall profile curve in plan and then use divide curve and cull points to achieve variable widths arch base points. Group each pair of arch points and find the center. Give the center point a Height in the z-axis and apply a curve through each group of three points.

What I am not sure about is how to then properly harness data trees to group sets of three points?

If anyone has some ideas of achieving this outcome or could give suggestions of yt videos that would be great!

Go for the stuff from Master Oscar (the other is kitsch to the max).

Some hints:

  1. Create a flat parametric region like the one on the right.
  2. Create a facade guide frame consisting from 2 surfaces like the left (back not made for clarity).
  3. Morph map the 1 to the 2 surfaces as in 2.
  4. Bridge (so to speak) the mapped BrepFaces and get a closed polysurface then orient that to a suitable collection of planes.

In fact it’s a bit more complicated than that … but anyway

Here’s a 2 minutes static (no parametric on target surf or the Brep to map) demo: (7.6 KB)
Oscar_Map_V1.3dm (76.8 KB)

Note: your 2 target surfaces MIUST been created with a 1:1 curves selection order in order to get proper results from the Loft (otherwise you’ll get bananas).

Note: Do someting elegant since the Master is watching you.

You didn’t search a lot ?
Is it helpful for you ?

I apologize and thank you.

No problem for me. There are now so many wonderful search engines. For me searching well on The web is also part of everyone job. Plenty of.informations is there for free.
But if you have further questions don’t hesitate.