Grasshopper, Python: Retrieve list of of object in pythonGH component

I’m new to GHpython, so apologize for the basic question…

In GH I know that normally the functions are performed on every geometry object that is passed into them.

This is for instance reflected in the simple setting showed below:

I have here a crv component holding 3 curves. If I feed it to a GHPython component that simply print(x) (print the ID of x) I can seeit is printing the ID of only 1 of the curves (which is normal)

However, is it possible (in the GHPython component) to retrieve x as a list? (i.e. for instance here, it would print [<ID#1>, <ID#2>, <ID#3>] ? I tried using the flatten input / output option that can be added to the component, but to no avail.



Choose List Access

Awesome Thx!