Grasshopper Python component question

Hi, I hope this is the right thread…I am taking the free introductory python course by Niloofar Zaker, but I encounter problems from the very beginning. I am using Mac. I open a script module in the math tab in gh, but then the double click does not work to open the editor. Shift click does work, but it shown a panel completely different than the one shown in the course, lacking buttons such as “test”. It also shows a syntax error, even though I am writing exactly as the example in the course: print “let’s learn python”. Since this is my first attempt at this I would be grateful for any clue. Thank you in advance,

Hi Vivian - just making sure - did you drag the python component onto the gh canvas from the ‘maths’ location? On Mac the interface looks a little different - assuming a double-click on that opens the script editor, the right-arrow is the ‘go’ button, to test the script.


yes, that is what I did. The arrow does not respond. Please see attached screen shot.

Thank you for your prompt reply, Pascal!

also, I tried Shift arrow=> no response; control arrow => rhino 7 crashed!

I have no idea, if this has anything to do with the crash, but you have a typo in your print statement! It should read print "let's learn Python".

Hi Vivian -

I see that part here as well, thanks. I’ll get that on the list. > RH-62039

But I’m confused about the “rhino 7” part.
In Rhino 6 here, I get the same window as the one in your screenshot, and clicking the arrow doesn’t do anything:

In Rhino 7, however, I see this window:
… where clicking the arrow prints that line to the Output frame.

Could you run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here?

here is it.

Thanks, Vivian!
I see that here as well in 7.1. I was running an internal version of 7.3 but it looks like the change has made it into one of the latest 7.2 versions. You could try to change your update frequency to Service Release Candidates and download a newer version than the one that you have now.

Note that the absence of that Output frame shouldn’t impact the function of the component. It just makes it an extra bit more different than what you see on the Windows version.

Thank you, Wim. I appreciate your help.



RH-62039 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate