Grasshopper Primer Latest Version

Quick questions

  1. Grasshopper Primer version - is the latest version 0.6.007?
  2. Will there be a new version for Rhino 8?


Hi @dheis,

You might consider starting here:

– Dale

Yes, thanks. I was hoping to find something more recent on Grasshopper. The most recent I could find, the Grasshopper Primer, was from 2009 and it appears that many things were out of date.

About a year ago I was going through the same learning exercise, and made myself a set of files using the majority of the basic components:

This not a primer, but at least allows you to play with any component.

See if it is useful!


The Modelab “Foundations Manual” in the link above is the updated primer. The PDF link appears to be down, but you can grab it here:

It’s also pretty old at this point, but not outdated as Grasshopper 1 is still functionally the same.

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