Grasshopper plugin development, Solution exception: Method not found


I have developed a Grasshopper plugin which have a small user base, and one client along with at least one colleague is experiencing this error message “1: Solution Exception: Method not found” with a reference to the dll and method in question.

The error message seems to imply that the referenced dll does not contain a method which the component is using. The plugin is distributed via PackageManager, and I have double checked that the clients dll in the Yak package destination folder has the correct version.

I think its possible that Grasshopper or Rhino is referencing an older version of this dll from somewhere else, and I was wondering where Grasshopper looks for dll’s that the plugins use, and if there is any order of priority on these?

The only way I have been able to reproduce this issue is by manually replacing the dll’s in the Yak package installation folder with an older dll not containing the endpoint that is reported missing, which is not the circumstance at the customers setup which I have checked contains the correct dlls. There is also text in the component descriptions in the plugin which identifies the .gha-file to be correct. Is there any circumstances where the .gha does not reference the dll’s lying in the same folder?

It’s possible some other plugin references a lower version. If that plugin loads first, the lower referenced DLL would be used by your program.

You’ll probably need to set up a StrongName reference.

Hi, thank you for your reply. I am not well known with strong naming of dlls, and the dll in question is a thrid party dll. The dll in question has a property called Strong name which is set to true, which does seem like it does have a strong name unless I am misunderstanding. image