Grasshopper plug-in developing problem

Hi guys, I have a problem relate to assemble my code into a grasshopper plug-in in VS.

I try to assemble my class in a .dll file and reference it inside the grasshopper template.
In the class I reference the RhinoCommon package, but the version is not the same as the one in grasshopper template, so it report me some issues.

Therefore, I try to reference the RhinoCommon package that used in the template, but it couldn’t find the Rhino.Geomtry namespace. So what I can do to fix this problem?

This is the package I reference now, I can’t reference it by use “using Rhino.Geometry”

You can either:

  1. Create a new visual studio project with grasshopper template that references rhinocommon automatically


  1. right click on references and link the RhinoCommon.dll from your pc manually. This dll is there the moment you install rhino.