Grasshopper Player not updating preview?

I have a GH Player file that is subdividing a surface and adding some info to the points. I can enter the number of U and V divisions. I have the preview enabled on a data parameter where the points are. If I test out the GH script it updates the points preview just fine.

But in the Grasshopper player file the preview I get of the points just stays on the default values even if I change the U or V value.

So how come it does not update? How can I force it to do so?

Here is the parameter that is used for preview:

ps: side note to @DavidRutten: for GH2 can you make it so you can tell which component is set to preview or not even when it is orange? Especially with GH Player usually all the components are orange and then you can’t tell which ones are previewing.

Any ideas? I am pretty sure I had it before that it would update the preview during the command. Just seeing the default that is not related to the settings you enter is kind of pointless.

Found something that works. If you connect a preview component to a parameter and have BOTH set to preview, it will update.

If you only set one of them to preview it will NOT update.

Seems logical, right… /s

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