Grasshopper Player (custom tools & wish list)

you’re absolutely right @AndyPayne ! :sweat_smile:
ghosting is gone. I’ll see which is the culprit!

a bit of bad news @AndyPayne ! ghosting is back after it temporarily went away.
I emptied the components & use objects folders
somehow nGon and Wombat persisted ?? (how do you uninstall those?)
but now the ghosting show up again

uninstalled them via package manager, but ghosting still persists

uninstalled Rhino 7, and reinstalled it.
ghosting only now appears to show up with Kangaroo (even without ‘Grab’)
here’s the test file. (11.7 KB)

Ghosting appears to show up with no Plugins installed nor Kangaroo used. very weird!

I gave it a go on 7.13 & WIP had no ghosting.

I tested the file and there is ghosting, it disappears only after restart Rhino.
If you hide everything in GH file it work fine.

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First time using GH Player and you immediately notice the limitations:

  1. no support for attributes
  2. no looping support
  3. doesn’t work with Human (technically does, but very buggy)

sad trombone playing

number 1 is especially sad, as that is one of the most powerful things to do in GH, to programmatically add key/values to objects, that you can then use elsewhere like metadata.

Any timeline for adding this? Not before GH2?

How are you currently adjusting attributes in Grasshopper?

Using Human, Elefront or Heteroptera.

Edit: I have to say, it DOES work to use a bake component from Human with GH Player, it just isn’t that easy if you also want to create layers and such, where the execution order really matters, but that’s not exclusive to GH Player, but a general GH problem.

ps: it would be nice to instead of a Get Boolean, there was also a Get Enter, where you just want to press enter at the end and it triggers a boolean true. If I just have get boolean, I then have to click by mouse or enter “true” and then enter.

Object attributes are not a native data type to grasshopper. I’m hoping we can add this to grasshopper in Rhino 8 (GH1). This is what we would need to support context baking of combinations of geometry and attributes.


That would be great and a big step forward. I think the way Human does it is pretty good. Normally works well even for more complex things.

Other question: how come the preview of things in a GH Player command doesn’t update. Say I can select a surface and create a grid on it, where I can select the U and V count. I want the points it will bake to be previewed, so I leave their preview on. Now when I adjust the U and V value during running the GH Player command, I expect the preview to update like it does in GH, but it doesn’t. Just stays at whatever it was with the initial values, but when I bake they are at the correct place!?

Hi Yelen,

I’m stuck at the same problem. I found out, ghosting only appears if I have opened Grasshopper before. If I open Rhino and use straigt GHPlayer, there’s no ghosting. In your video above, I can see that you’ve got Grasshopper already running.
Closing grasshopper doesn’t help.

Not a solution - but an explanation how to recreate the ghosting for other people :sweat_smile:


Hi Armin,

would you like to share your file?

I’m having several similar problems with my grasshopper player tools and trying to figure out solutions for it…

cool! that helps for now :wink:
the ghosting is still there actually, they are just hidden. as soon as GH is open, all
the ghosting from every previous command shows up.

I collected all other posts to this topic in this post and we are trying to figure out a solution:

Grasshopper Player hooked - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum

Wim of McNeel can’t reproduce the problem so far.

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I found that ghosted preview is related to Remote Control Panel.
If you close it the ghosted preview disappears, but it appears again if you open RCP


interesting! yep, the prob is that ghosting is still there (just hidden).
the biggest issue (aside from ghosting itself) is this affects ‘ZoomExtents’ :sweat_smile:

Try this solution
Use don't draw any preview … and save the file


In Rhino window you can see wireframe preview but no ghosted preview saved

that seems to help with ZoomExtents! thnx for the tip. hopefully, ghosting gets fixed soon so interactive tools can be explored again.

Hi everyone, I’m not sure if I just don’t understand the tool well enough, but is there a way to call on a menu like this from within grasshopper player with more than two options?

I know there is a Get Boolean component, but this only allows for two options to feed into a stream gate/filter (False/True or 0/1). I scripted my best attempt at replicating this behavior in the command line. It does work, but I feel like there should be a better way to do this, what I did feels very complicated. I am attaching a GrasshopperPlayer script with a cluster demonstrating my implementation so it is clear the feature I’m after. If it’s not already possible to do this natively, this is top of my wish list! (24.2 KB)

I understand what you mean, I’m trying to do something like that either.
If all the contextual options on the definition are exposed at once, as an alternative to the current one by one process used by grasshopper player, it would work exactly that way, actually many Rhino commands are running this way. Perhaps with just one extra option on the ducument properties, should work well.
In fact, for tighter integration with viewport handlers like shown above or even other UI controls, like RCP panel or others like HumanUI, it would be fully compatible.

@yelenaye This fix went in a while ago, but I guess I dropped the ball and didn’t post here (so I am now). I believe the “ghosting” issue that you reported has been fixed with the inclusion of a document property which allows you to set whether you want the Grasshopper file to be closed (or remain open) after the GrasshopperPlayer command is run. If this is off, then the Grasshopper file should close after the command is run and you shouldn’t see any ghosting effects.

Screenshot 2022-07-22 092755