Grasshopper pineapple

Hello everyone, how can I repeat a similar thing in rhino?

Weaverbird has a command called wbStellate. There are probably other ways to sort the points and generate the mesh but this is how I’d do it on a first approach. (27.0 KB)

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Check out the mesh+ plugin - it has a lot of different subdivision and texture effects.

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Reminds me of this classic post from @Dani_Abalde in the old forum:

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Needs some more tweaks but it might be close to general solution. (48.7 KB)

Improved version… (56.9 KB)


How about this one:
It would be easy to get a more pineapple-like shape; the tricky part would be making the leaves.

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Many thanks from me :heart:

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Many thanks :heart:

That was a ******* classic post

I haven’t seen the like of this since 20 years… In the Hypercard/Metacard/Runrev/Livecode ‘maillist’ community - (not my fault the product changes names after 30 years.) Free script, free self-generative code too!

3 forum generations later (mailist, newsgroups,bblist, reddit, discourse… This becomes not only interesting but eye opening like traveling to a new country…

This is why Grasshopper was such a and is a culture shock for me. Seeing open coding live in a forum! In a pineapple sense, this feels totally like Hypercard again!

Thanks for bringing that pineapple moment (and i finally, after 2 decades of pro-english-publishing/legal language_learned how to spell this fruity thing.)

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