Grasshopper paneling tools

Is there a way to assign a bounding object, when creating a 2D Pattern using paneling tools in the grasshopper enviroment?

Not in PT-GH, but I added it to the wish list.
For now, @adilali you can input the bounding curve then remove from output. See attached example. (8.2 KB)

Thanks for your help. I managed to get it working using cull index but I
think your method of using cull pattern, and true, false Boolean makes
more sense.

Hello Rajaa

I’m creating a morph 2d mean pattern using a curve attractor with paneling
tools in grasshopper. But the pattern only seems to partially populate the
grip, (see 2nd image). When I bake the grid and apply the custom 2d
variable pattern within rhino it seems to work OK ( see top image). Is this
a bug? I’ve included the rhino and grasshopper files.

Look forward to your response.


napkin_v3b.3dm (2.41 MB) (12.1 KB)

Yes. This is a bug in PT-GH. Will add to the list.