Grasshopper or Rhino Illustrator/SVG reader

Hi all!

I’m looking for the best way to link an Illustrator/SVG file into Grasshopper or Rhino.

My Illustrator/SVG file will be edited in Illustrator, and I would like to push the update without re-imported the file each time I do a modification.

Also, during the import, I need to keep the curve color information from the Illustrator.

Except if I’m not aware of a functionality, “SVG importer” from Pancake, doesn’t work for me. I was not able to transfer the color information using this pluggin.



You may use Pancake’s Import From to retrieve color from Illustrator files. (8.5 KB)

Import SVG is faster but it doesn’t support attributes (color, layer, etc)


Thanks a lot this is exactly what I was looking for!