Grasshopper objects disappear then viewports crash

I’ve had this problem a few times.
Never sure what’s going on.
Usually I’m running a kangaroo bouncy solver twisting a mesh net and using a loop component to update how the forces affect the net .
I get so far everything clean then all of a sudden it spoils
The grasshopper definition won’t display properly in rhino
Geometry disapears, some text rendered to screen is till there and updating, the model is still running in grasshopper, but unless it’s selected in the canvas … no geometry or custom preview geometry will display.
The rhino viewports then also start bugging out. Some of them skip to other views. If I zoom on them Sometimes they go kinda blue then blank - grey
resetting to the standard 4 viewports doesn’t help

Shut down rhino and reopen + reopen gh and it all comes back but very soon disappears again.

Any advice?

Having upgraded to Rhino 7 I hoped this problem would have disapeared

Document: polygon Tx with trailing bridle*
Path: C:\Users\rodre\OneDrive\kites\design\Transmission ladder torque\polygon Tx with trailing
DocId: 67cdd099-ae3b-41e6-bb3c-0911b854759a
Modified: True
Context: Loaded
RaiseEvents: True
Enabled: True
Nested: False
Owned: False
Current Span: 0.062ms
Current State: PostProcess
Preview Mode: Shaded
Preview Filter: None
Preview Mesh: LowQuality
Schedule: -1ms
Subsidiary Tree
polygon Tx with trailing bridle*
Object Count: 192
Undo|Redo Server
Undo Count: 2
Redo Count: 0
Undo Names: Preview, Drag
Event Server
Enabled: True
Update: False

After a lot of poking around…
I think the problem was … I was using Human UI plugin with the render text to screen component
Which is only rhino 6 compatible…

Can anyone recommend a replacement or way to upgrade?

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I am facing the same issue when I run a C# component