Grasshopper ObjectDetails not working?

Just today my ‘ObjectDetails’ component in GH started acting up? If I assign a name to some simple geometry (a point, for instance) and try and get it’s name in GH using the standard ‘ObjectDetails’ I get ‘None’ even though it has a name applied?

If i use something like HumanUI, or a basic GHPython component, I can read the name just fine. But the ObjectDetails doesn’t work now…

For reference, GHPython just looks like:

BUT, then with some other geometry (make a random solid, name it…) now it DOES work:

To me that seems very peculiar? Can anyone notice whats going on there or how I might fix it? Thats very odd to get variations in results like that, no?

any advice on how to fix this is much appreciated!

I think this is the same issue as here

ah - thanks @archimax - good to know that I’m not the only one at least.