Grasshopper not working when opening 3DM files off external USB SSDS

For example, I use a plug in called grass hopper gold in which I get the clearest example of the problem.

Here are some files you can try copying to the desktop and to an external flash drive in which you can test it out.

This problem doesn’t just happen with grasshopper gold, but with standalone grass hopper as when i open files externally and try to load my own made scripts/ grasshopper files, grass hopper acts crazy/ it doesn’t function as intended. for example, even if I’m on the grasshopper screen, it will not recognize key presses and rhinoceros will take them instead. so if i select something in grass hopper and press the delete key it’ll delete in rhinoceros instead.

This Is happening on the latest version of rhinoceros on a clean install, on both on a AMD and NVidia graphics card

Can’t recreate your symptoms here. All works as expected whether opening files from internal drive or external SSD.

Are you using multiple monitors?

What you’re describing sounds similar to this thread, but I don’t see what difference it would make what drive your file is saved on.


Well the issue is more prominent when using the plug in called grass hopper gold. If a file is being loaded off an external flash drive, ssd, storage device, and never brought to your main drives, the plugin doesnt work and grasshopper in general sometimes misbehaves. this is happening on latest rhino versions with clean windows installs.