GrassHopper multiple data to one list


New here. I do require your help as strugling to achieve simple task

Is there a way to merge multiple data into one list as i cant find way of doing it or just dont know how to do it properly

Please see below


hold shift when connecting. a little plus should appear.

You are star thanks.

Going from Dynamo to Grasshopper abit of challenge

Thanks you so much


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it sure is. there are several shortcuts with ctrl, shirf and alt in grasshopper:
e.g. when you chose an element or several selected elements and then hold alt+shift before moving, you create a copy of the selected elements.
I’m sure there must be a short video about this somewhere, they are so useful!!

welcome to the community :hugs:

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Is there a way to keep line selected once clicked ?

As it can be really hard to make connections on small screen.

On Dynamo click keep it on mouse while panning around here required to hold button and its hard to pan around with button pressed.


you mean to hold a key instead of holding the mouse button or single click on connections?
not that I know. (I have lots of screens) but I absolutely see what you mean.
though you can scroll in and out when you have the connection clicked, this makes the task a little bit easier.

I found this interesting blog about grasshopper shortcuts though:

and this ( I admit slightly more confusing formatted) more complete list:

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