Grasshopper merge surfaces from scan


I would like to make a pattern on a surface that i’ve scanned. Unfortunately, when I convert the mesh into a surface, it produces a ‘patchwork’ of surfaces. When I subdivide these surfaces into points, it divides all the surfaces seperately (see image)

Is there a method to ‘sew’ these surfaces together into one? I would like an ‘even’ spacing of points on the whole surface to make a pattern onto it. I’ve already tried ‘mergefaces’, ‘join Brep’,… without result.

Thank you for helping!

!AFO_test.3dm (3.5 MB)

I see 2 choices or it is a surface with Rhino definition (no trim) or it is a trimmed surface. For the first case you will not have even distribution, for the second it is possible.
Here a solution, not very robust. I struggle a bit but it seems to work.
So first build a rough approximation of the surface inside the Brep. The extend this surface in order to touch the brep, then trim this surface and choose the good part. The idea is there.

to trimmed (5.0 MB)

But it is sure that there are many other methods depending of what you want.

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This is exactly what I wanted, thank you!

what did you use to convert your mesh?


I did it in geomagic freeform with the command ’ autosurface’.

thank you