Grasshopper Manual Run Method - 1.0 RC

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As you know, Grasshopper always runs in the behind and sometimes (a lot of times actually) that is not something I want, especially when generating native Revit geometry. As a solution to this, I was using Stream Filter and connect Button to its gate when I was going to do something that takes a lot of power.

With the new Element Tracking that came with RC 1.0, I simply cant use this method anymore because when gate turns False it deletes the created elements.

What is your method to create Revit elements manually?

Does Data Dam works? Iā€™d use it.

Hmm, Data Dam looks really good. It also recognizes any changes in the input. Thanks @tay.alrawi

Also somebody in this forum made a C# component similar to Datadam but with a toggle input as well

Does this work for you?

FILE: (7.1 KB)

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