Grasshopper mac + Kangaroo + Timer – crashes

Hi All,
I’ve experienced very bad grasshopper performance while using timer component with kangaroo on mac. It doesn’t crashes but CPU is burning and the performance is so bad that I can’t do anything and I need to force quit.
Does anyone had the same issue?

Hi jllibera,
Can you please clarify which component and Kangaroo version this is happening with?

Hi Daniel,
Situation which I described occurred when when the timer was plugged to kangaroo physics component.
I’m using the Kangaroo 2.1.4 + Kangaroo Physics 0.099.

Hi Jan, Sorry I missed your reply before.
With Kangaroo 2 onwards there is no need to use the timer component, and as far as I have tested it, it seems to work fine on Grasshopper for Mac. I haven’t checked with 0.099 on Mac yet. The intention though is that Kangaroo 2 completely replaces all functionality of the earlier version.