Grasshopper loads but display is buggy

So ExplicitHistory now loads with the new WIP update (it didn’t on the last one) so thats awesome! however, the display on the grasshopper window is all dark and I can barely see anything on it (attached screenshot)

Im running OSX 10.9.5 with Rhino 5.2 WIP (5C95w) Could the graphics card have something to do with it?

This isn’t going to help, I’m seeing the same thing - same OSX and same WIP

In general, there are many known issues with gh on 10.9.5. See Steve’s answer here How do you even start up grasshopper MAC?

Sorry - I see how my post could have been misunderstood - I meant my post wasn’t going to help and that I was seeing the same thing.

Did anyone find a solution to this black display issue? This is from my Macbook Pro 2012 but it seems to work fine on my Macbook Air at work.

I would love a solution to this please: i am using Grasshopper a lot right now!

Which os are you using?

I’ve got the same issue in 10.9.5

As has been mentioned before, users with 10.9.5 will have issues running GH on a mac. The best course of action is to upgrade your os as there is no plan or timeline for when these issues might be addressed.

Thanks Luis.

I am in fact running 10.9.5 on the machine that is not working, but 10.10.2 on my other machine which is working.

Are you now running to on the latest OS? Does it work fine? I have been suspicious of going to the new OS because people have had problems with it, but maybe they are sorted out now.