Grasshopper line sort

hi i made some shape and i’d like use lines around it
I want to change the twisted vertical lines vertically.

0529 (27.3 KB)
anyone has idea to sort the lines?

It seems that this definition is not yours but what I posted on the old GH forum, so if possible, it would be better to identify the source of the definition.

0529 (25.5 KB)

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hi HS_Kim
yeah definition i got from old forum
thanks for definition and this one too

i made some frame using attached definition
It’s a bit complicated GH file, and I do not think the vertical and horizontal connections are smooth.

Could it be more efficient to use a lunch box?
If so, thank you for helping.
0529 spiral (36.6 KB)

I don’t think so.

0529 spiral (22.4 KB)

thanks a lot !

hi i’d like to select the points in the restricted area

And i want to reduce the number of first and last 2~3 groups of points selected on the z axis

I want to reduce the direction of declining from the center to the outside

Can anyone help me apply the graph mapper?

0531 (22.1 KB)

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I’m approaching my goal to some extent.

Can the effect of the Graph Mapper be applied to both sides along the bottom middle axis?
0601 (30.3 KB)