Grasshopper Kinetic Facade Sun Responsive

Hello everyone, this is my second topic about kinda the same question actually but I need some help.
I have created a kinetic facade in grasshopper and I need it to be sun responsive. I got some help before on this in another topic, but something was wrong about the movement of the surfaces.

So, my idea is I have a facade which is created by surfaces (Im showing example of rotations and the rotation axis).

Each surface can make a 90 degrees rotation to the left and 90 degrees rotation to the right.

I want to connect the sun with each piece so when the sun is moving the surfaces must ‘‘follow’’ it, so the facade will shade what ever is behind. The problem here is I dont want any surface to move above 90 degrees left/right.

The problem with the previous help i recieved was that every surface could make a 360 degrees move, which is something I don’t want.

Below you can find my rhino and grasshopper files.
Thank you very much.

08_01_facade.3dm (8.8 MB) grasshopper kinetic facade (23.9 KB)

So instead of clarifying your criteria in the original thread, as you have done here, where I could have easily corrected the model I created for you… A duplicate thread is started without reference to what came before. Guess you don’t want my help, good luck.

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Well I created a new one because I change a bit my GH, so now its more accurate to my idea. I didnt mean to insult you in any way, I just thought it would be better to even try explain better what I need and also change my grasshopper to be more accurate. I know I never mention before the 90 degrees right/left rule, its obviously not your fault. Sorry if I offended you in some way, but I really had no intention to do this. I really appreciate every help i got from you
Good luck and have a nice day and I feel sorry for the missunderstanding here.

Any updates someone?