Grasshopper is very slow even with changing radius of 36 spheres

I just started learning grasshopper and was trying out creating spheres using series and cross-reference. So, I created this 6 x 6 grid with spheres on it, and while I was trying to change the radius of these spheres, it takes 3 seconds to change these 36 spheres’ radius.
Furthermore, changing from 6x6 to 7x7 grid takes around 6 seconds. Is this normal? The tutorial I saw didn’t have this much lag. I have a decent laptop with RTX 2070 and i7-9750, so I don’t think it’s my laptop that’s underperforming. Is there a setting that I need to change to make my grasshopper function more fluidly? Thanks!!

The GH file is attached below. It is really simple, but why is it so slow :frowning: (7.2 KB)

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yes spheres are slow by default, due to the mesh settings. Attached with custom mesh should run a lot faster. (7.5 KB)

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CrossRef is generating 216 points/spheres, not 36. Remove the third input to CrossRef and you get 36 points/spheres.

By the way, it’s generally a bad idea to run data through a text panel.


Thank you so much for your answer!! Your attachment runs much faster! One more question, how should I make the sphere custom mesh?

Thank you so much for your answer!! (8.4 KB)

like this, this should also run faster because here only once the sphere has to be meshed


I would do it like this, using MSphere (Mesh Sphere):

spheres_meshed_2020May26a (6.9 KB)


Thank you!!!