Grasshopper install problem

Hello. I’m not good speak english (sorry)
I find a problem with installing of Grasshopper for Rhino 4

Which version of Grasshopper and which version of Rhino 4 do you have?
The 2012-09-28 version of Grasshopper is the last version that runs on Rhino 4 and you need at least SR 8 of Rhino 4.

I have Rhino 4 SR 9 and Rhino 5.11.50203

What is the reason for using Rhino 4 if you also have Rhino 5? Is there some legacy issue?

I was going to test the installer for an older version of the program on the website that I found were 2 options for installing the algorithms setup on the 4th and 5th version)!

It’s unclear which versions of what programs you are talking about but since the link involves a cracked version of Rhino 4, this is where support from my side stops.

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