Grasshopper infinitely executes the solution over and over again when leaving the canvas

Hey there!

I’ve got an issue which has appeared recently after the RIR update:
While i am working inside the Grasshopper Canvas it executes the solution in a common way, as it used to be. But as i am leaving the Canvas (e.g. when i am clicking onto the Revit’s viewport), Grasshopper starts to execute the solution over and over again and only the solver block helps.

The problem is getting worse in the situations, when i am running the Revit API transactions (especially when i need to move some objects using DB.ElementTransformUtils, so that the objects are just running away iteration after iteration)

Thanks in advance!

how is your definition triggered? you may want to do that manually unless it’s something you want to constantly run on a document change.

Such as

if GO == 1: