Grasshopper in a tab-window like Layout


I was wondering why Grasshopper doesn’t work in a tab, like Layout does.


The simple answer, I suppose, is just that it wasn’t designed to work in a tab.

I take it, however, that you wish it were possible.
Could you describe what problem that would solve? Don’t you typically want to see both a viewport and the GH canvas?

Yeah, back when GH was started this wasn’t even possible. I think even today there are several hoops that still need jumping through.

Right, thanks for the response.

Indeed, i would like it to work in a tab. UI-wise it would look great as it shows the same “language” as Rhino does. Considering this is a fairly new piece of software on the mac and tabs seem to be the ongoing trend in macOS for the foreseeable future, I wondered if this function was considered for grasshopper. Also grasshopper supports multiple instance open at the same. I guess that is what triggered me asking this question on why it is developed in the way it is at the moment.

And indeed, most of the time you like to see the grasshopper window at the same time as the rhino canvas, that’s true. I guess it comes down to preference. I like the fullscreen way of working to maximise space. The way the default Mail app works when writing a new email while fullscreen attracts me for instance. For me that would be the ideal way.

I don’t know how it behaves on Mac, but on Windows, one single instance of Rhino can only have one single instance of Grasshopper.