Grasshopper ignores one curve in solid Difference


I’m a beginner in grasshopper and I try to make a script in which I have a cylindric form with variable radii. Then I want to subtract multiple extruded curves.
Grasshopper forgets some curves in some specific radii and I don’t understand why - because they are in “Kurven A” included.
I would be happy if anyone can help.

please attach your GH file with internalized geometries :+1:

I hope I internalized all …
And thank you! (22.3 KB)

it doesn’t look like any solid is missing, I’m on Rhino 7.7.21145.13001, 2021-05-25

in the attached file I have internalized the final Brep resulting from the boolean operations, so you can check if it’s identical to the final solution you get: (393.3 KB)

I’m on Rhino 5.0 maybe that’s the problem.
The one curve is still missing.