Grasshopper Icon tooltips refuse to show sometimes

One small problem maybe it’s my aging mouse but in GH tooltips refuse to show unless I hit the sweet spot I have to mouse around and even when the icon is highlighted it sometimes doesn’t show. In the image no tooltip shows up even with the icon highlighted I had to find one area on the icon to get it to show.
Not a big deal just thought I’d throw it out there as I haven’t seen this before in Rhino.

@DavidRutten, @stevebaer, @dale: With the various size (in pixels) icons now available to accommodate various screen resolutions, is the size of the hotspot (in pixels) adjusted to maintain the same physical size (in inches) across all monitors? I believe the actual physical size of the hotspot is what determines the user’s ability to hit it.

There are no special areas within icons that will show tooltips, the entire rectangle is always considered. However, it could be that tiny movements of the mouse continually reset the tooltip. You can adjust the ‘zero area’ radius in the Grasshopper preferences. Try increasing the ‘wiggle radius’ to see if tooltips start working.

Thanks David I’ll play with those settings.