【grasshopper】How to boolean difference geometries generated by Octree

script-1110-2 help.gh (42.9 KB)

Hello, I’m new to grasshopper, and I have generated two sets of separate geometries using Octree, and the result is within the same geometry range (so they overlap), and I want the first one to cut off the second one (not necessarily have to be boolean difference, I also tried trim node but sadly didn’t work either). I researched a bit and tried converting the octree data to mesh and fix mesh but still didn’t work for me. I tried solid union node as well, and it’s telling me input (first octree output) is empty, but it worked for the second octree node.

I was originally trying to find a way to combine and edit the two set of reparametrized points before generating geometries but I couldn’t find a way to do it. This boolean difference idea is a compromised plan, if anyone can point me a direction like what node or plugin I should look at will be so helpful!!!

Sorry for my poor description, I tried to internalize data and uploaded the gh file hope it works!
Thank you!!!