Grasshopper has the ability to convert hyperboloids to planes

Does grasshopper have a function (battery) that can convert a hyperboloid into a plane?

Yes, ‘Project’ (under the Transform>Affine tab) does this

With this method, their area and side length are different, I want the effect of these two functions of the icon

The smash command isn’t going to be able to maintain area / side lengths either.

  • Since it is not possible to flatten a double-curved object (like a half a coconut shell) to get a paper pattern, the answer is always inaccurate to some degree. This command is useful if the object you are flattening is not extremely curved and you want to make the pattern out of a stretchy material like rubber.

There are a number of plugins that have unroller components, OpenNest being a good one, Pufferfish has an unroll polysurf as well.

Thanks Japhy for answering for me, I’ll try it