Grasshopper hangs when using ActiveDoc

Hi all,

I’m trying to select objects inside Rhino from Grasshopper to be able to select groups.
The problem i’m having is that every second time I push the button and selects objects, grasshopper hangs and I can’t push anything. (2.7 KB)

Can anyone give me some input to this problem and why it happens?

Thanks in advance

Hi @socken

I don’t know the exact problem. But, I think it is because the button component triggers two events. One, when you press it, and one when you release it. Not sure though. But, I’ve faced it too.

There are two ways to overcome this:

  1. Use a Toggle instead of a button. That way, even your print statement will stay onscreen until you toggle your input to False.
  2. Work in the SDK Mode, and override AppendAdditionalMenuItems function.

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Kaushik LS
Chennai, IN

Thanks Kaushnik for the information.

I would like to avoid suggestion #1 if possible, I understand your thinking but it seams a bit user unfriendly.
I don’t know much about suggestion #2. Can you point me in the right direction to get more information about what this does?

I don’t want to close this thread yet, maybe there are some other workaround @DavidRutten ?

Thanks again Kaushik for your help!

Check this thread…