Grasshopper hangs when references absent

I have a definition which I use for fixing topographic data. The last time I used it, I referenced about 700 curves in a Rhino document, and saved the definition that way without thinking. Now when I open the definition with a blank Rhino file, I can’t do anything with it. As soon as I right click on the curve parameter component to clear the references or set something new it hangs - it’s looking for those 700 or so curves that are absent… Only thing that worked was to delete the curve parameter component and replace it with a new blank one.


Hi Mitch,

I might did not quite understand you, but you could internalise the curves from .3dm to .gh file (meaning you won’t need .3dm file anymore): after referencing those 700 curves, right click on the “Curve” parameter and choose “Internalise data”.

Other than that, try disabling the solver first (Solution->Disable solver). Then open your .gh file, right click on your “Curve” parameter (the one that ‘had’ 700 curves) and choose “Clear values”.
Enable the solver (Solution-> uncheck “Disable solver”).

Does that help?

Yes, there are a lot of ways to do this I guess… The main thing I’m worried about is the hang - I don’t know why it’s doing that, but I feel it should figure out quickly enough that the referenced curves aren’t there and let you right click on the component and set some others…


Hi Giys

I’ve had the same problem and the only solution was to kill Grasshoer and then disable the solver before opening the file.
Internalizing date isn’t always a good solution as it makes a Gh file size grow rapidly and often is not welcomed.
I do think it is a sort of a bug.


Looks like @DavidRutten is aware of this issue and has already fixed it. Sounds like the same issue I think…

Yep, it does… I guess we have to wait for V6 then… Maybe for Christmas? Well, it’ll also be OK in January… :smile:


He’s making a list, checking it twice. Using some clever algorithm naturally :wink:

Yeah it’s the same issue. To get it to work on your current file, window select and delete the parameter with all the missing references, then replace it with a clean one.

OK, thanks David, that’s exactly what I did…