Grasshopper hanging in Revit 2019.2

Is anybody else having issues with grasshopper in Revit 2019.2? When I load a larger script (that works fine in native grasshopper) it slows right down and every action takes 10-30 seconds to complete. Adding nodes, moving nodes, all cause grasshopper to pause with the blue wheel spinning. It seems like it does an action then Revit takes a while to process?
I’ve tried it on another computer with 2019.2 and the same issue. I have thoughm tried the same script in 2017 and it works perfectly. no hanging at all…

Could you please try disabling the Grasshopper preview in Revit?

Brilliant! That works well. I see that the Revit 2017 add-in doesn’t have the preview which is probably why it didn’t hang.
Thanks for your reply Kike!