Grasshopper Geometry Appears in Model and Layout Spaces

Recently when I open a layout in a Rhino model, if I have grasshopper open with geometry created in the model space, it also appears in the layout space, outside of the detail views. It appears to be in the same coordinate position as it was in model space. This happens in my existing .3dm files, and it occurs in new 3dm files. Is this a recent change in Rhino, and is there a way to control which space the grasshopper geometry appears in?


And old problem see RH-46840
But it seems it has been lost in the pile…

@DavidRutten @stevebaer what about this issue RH-46840 ?? Any expected time for a fix?

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Please, could you try to fix this issue in which GH preview still appears on top of details layouts when printing, i can’t print any report since this bug and all my GH script are useless…

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I just pushed a code fix for this. The fix will be in SR9. We can get you a pre-release build of SR9 if you need one before we start shipping SR9 release candidates (couple weeks).

Great! I would really appreciate!

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