Grasshopper, Galapagos, Generative Space Planing

Hello everyone, I’m fairly new to the parametric design theme. I recently started a small project that is already pushing me to the limit. I would like to generate a structure with the smallest possible volume. For this I use galapagos. The structure should 1. be as small as possible, 2. be placed in a given building frame, and the rooms that have been previously incorporated as a room plan should have a certain proportion. In a second step, the structure is placed in the construction frame in such a way that it receives as much daylight as possible (using Ladybug). I initially created these specifications as fitness functions. They also work very well individually, but if I combine them in an equation, some specifications are only partially ignored or some completely ignored. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?
Greetings Sebastian

220109_Parametric House_Sebastian Messmer.3dm (8.9 MB)
220213_Parametric House_Sebastian (96.1 KB)
DEU_Munich.108660_IWEC.epw (1.5 MB)