Grasshopper Freeze when used with Button

Hey guys,

I created a script which includes a Button used as a gate in Stream Filter. After I clicked on the button and definition successfuly executed, Grasshopper freezes and can’t change any of the inputs, can’t add anything etc. This is something I experience especially when working with Buttons.

Do you know any solution/workaround to this?

Having the parameter grafted there isn’t going to line up right, you would want to have 5 going in from the panel, then branches containing 5 values each going into the Value.

@japhy, definition works just fine. It does what I want. But it freezes after that.

Does it still freeze without the Element Parameter component active?

How many rooms are being created? perhaps a Boolean Toggle is needed.

It works with Boolean Toggle. Couple hundred rooms are created and assigned parameter values. But why doesnt it work with a Button?

Hard to say, your component is password protected. Assuming you are doing a for loop that relies on the incoming information that no longer exists. Not a factor is you are doing a room or two but a few hundred…