Grasshopper for Rhino 6 command to Rhino 5?

Is it possible to get some of the new commands in grasshopper from Rhino 6 to grasshopper in Rhino 5, like the “multiple brep split” command?

I have Rhino 6 on my personal computer, but my work hasn’t upgraded to Rhino 6 yet and it’s a problem when some commands work at home, and not at work.

I’ve found David Rutten’s answer to a similar question which I couldn’t find initially, so for those of you who need this command in Rhino 5 as well, there is apparently a way to achieve it with C#;

We are no longer releasing any updates to GH for Rhino5. You can still download and use that version, but as time goes on it will fall more and more behind.

It’s completely understandable, I have Rhino 6 on my personal computer but my firm is still using Rhino 5, since some of the plugins for it don’t really work with Rhino 6 yet, like Diva. But they will upgrade soon as well I believe.