Grasshopper for mac x Blender live connection

Hi all!
I was wondering if anyone has been able to establish working live connection between Grasshopper and Blender for rendering?
I have tried to install this add on, but I keep having error messaged when loading grasshopper with it.

I would like to use grasshopper animations as part of a bigger scene in blender, that’s why live connection would be better than e.g. cycles inside grasshopper.
Any tips regarding this are more than welcome


omg never heard of this. Do you know if that would work with Octane X in Blender as well?

It doesn’t work because the user object components are “compiled” ghpy components, which seem to be Windows only. It’s not a live connection though, but rather a simple way to interchange mesh geometry information with text files between Blender and Grasshopper and vis versa.

I see, thanks! I’ve also tried to search ways to run ghpy components on mac, but I haven’t found much information on this. If anyone has any insight, would be helpful!

I know! I want this to work so badly! I dont see why it wouldn’t work on octane render as well, but I haven’t seen any info on this.

As I mentioned above, this doesn’t seem to be possible, since they are Windows “compiled” user object components. On macOS, in my experience, you can only use the regular .ghuser user components.

However, you can quite easily import the from Blender (with MeshSync) exported text files into Grasshopper and reconstruct the mesh in question from there.

Until now I couldn’t get the colors to export correctly! The problem is that I don’t know how blender translates the curvature information from being weight numbers (i.e. 0.9562) to color values. The good news is that you get the weights as such in Grasshopper, if you want to use them for anything. It’s just the color display that is off. (10.7 KB)

Thank you so much! This provides a good start! I guess I just cant change the fact that rhino for mac is still a bit more limited compared to the windows version. Would be amazing to use blender to render some of the animations made with gh :confused:

True! This is oftentimes really frustrating. The folks at McNeel are overall doing a great job, but many of the third-party developers unfortunately don’t seem to care about macOS users.

This is totally possible! I for instance use a custom Python script that I wrote to export OBJ sequences that can then be imported into other CG apps for rendering or other manipulations that Rhino is less favorable for.

You can find my OBJ-exporter script here:

And here’s a Blender addon that can import the sequence:

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:open_mouth: :smiley: Wou Thank you so much! This is incredibly helpful for me! Im relatively new in blender, and had no idea that this kinda stuff already existed. It seems that the power of community has proved its might again!